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Texas~Cartel Media Archive

on Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:18 pm
Hello welcome to Texas~Cartel Media Archive here you can find all our activities such as Events, Roleplays, Bankrobs, Turfs....
NOTE: ONLY Texas~Cartel members are allowed to post here if you are not part of the Cartel you are not allowed to post here.

Events Format:

#(Event Number)
Event Name:


#(RP Number)
Players that participated the RP:
Screenshots and story of the Roleplay:

NOTE: Must add to every activity a Screenshot, Example: If you decide to create an event make sure you take pictures with the winner(s) and the SAMC that helped you create the event
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Re: Texas~Cartel Media Archive

on Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:44 am

Players that participate the RP: Jizzy, WeeD.
Screenshots and story of the Roleplay:

The "Jefe" (Leader) of the organization Texas~Catel was about to meet the "Mano Derecha" (Vice Leader) of the organization.:

They knew that one of the enemy organization member got some secret important documents about the members and the organization itself, they were planning to steal the important documents of the enemy organization member's house before it gets to the enemy organization leader.:

They were heading towards the enemy organization member's house that has the important documents when they knew for sure that he's not gonna be at home.:

When they arrived there they took out of the trunk the guns they had, because they knew that the enemy organization territory is a dangerous place for a Cartel, and they might not get out of there alive.:

While the "Jefe" (Leader) of the Texas~Cartel was picking the lock of the main door of the house of the enemy the "Mano Derecha" (Vice Leader) of the organization was covering him in case an enemy will see them and try to kill them.:

Once they managed to get inside the house they were looking for the important documents, once they found it they took it and ran as fast as they could back to the car.:

When they got inside the car they were driving to safety away from the enemy territory.:

When they got to safety with the important documents they were celebrating.:
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